One of the biggest challenges with manifestation is that you can get hung up on “what to manifest.” It’s as if it’s a zero sum game, where if you wish for, say, health, you might end up being super healthy…and broke! Or if you wish for money, you might end up being super rich…and miserable! Or, worse, you get money through some terrible calamity that you never wanted to happen.

That isn’t the point of manifesting, of course. In fact, while it’s true that you can bring challenging things into your field of experience, you can also send those same challenges packing just as quickly.

But how do you ensure that you’re covering allllll your bases? That you’re manifesting the OG of desires, perfectly and gorgeously into form?


Think of a time when you were deliriously, blissfully happy–full of hope, full of joy, full of possibilities. When you felt like the world was your oyster, nothing could go wrong, and you were so ready to go out and take on your next adventure that you could hardly breathe for the joy of it.

And wish for more of that.