Visualization is supposed to be easy and effortless. But what if you’re not a naturally visual person? What if you close your eyes and see…nothing?

This phenomenon is more common than you might expect. Fortunately, it completely doesn’t matter–because visualization doesn’t “actually” depend on the image. 

Yes, of course, if you know in your heart of hearts that you want a red Ferrari, then it stands to reason that closing your eyes and imagining yourself getting into that Ferrari, sinking into the leather seat, gripping the steering wheel, gazing lovingly over the dashboard, and then firing up the ignition is the fastest way to manifest that car into being. Thoughts become things, right? That’s how this works!

Well, not exactly. Thoughts *do* become things, but that’s mainly because for a lot of people, thoughts are the way to focus and ground one’s feelings. But the truer statement is “Feelings manifest into form.” Which is a little spongier and doesn’t look as cool on a bracelet, but hear me out.

When you think about that Ferrari…how does owning one make you feel? Blissfully happy? Proud? Like you’ve “arrived” or achieved a cherished dream? Excited to get out on the open road and take off on an adventure? Well, those feelings are actually the gasoline in the muscle car of your imagination. THEY are what moves energy into form. So the more you can FEEL your way into your visualization practice, the better off you are. 

YES, images are great. Vision boards FTW — they can be very powerful. But all the vision boards in the world won’t hold a candle to an intensely felt emotion, as you imagine it filling up your entire consciousness and you whisper “more of THAT.”

Try it the next time you visualize, whether you can “see” your cherished dream or not.

Here’s wishing you all the feels!