Meet Jenn

As an intuitive reader with more than thirty years’ experience, certified Infinite Possibilities trainer and personal brand transformer, I’ve tried every path imaginable to help people succeed – from angel numbers to Tarot, runes to I-Ching, SMART goals to GANTT charts, vision boards to meditation – only to discover that the answer is so much simpler than I ever imagined.

I specialize in positive, uplifting collaboration that shines a light on your path. I’m here to help you reimagine yourself and shape your future to live your most cherished dreams. Most of all, I can connect you with your own personal guides… and give you the tools to keep that connection strong.

My journey has taken me from corporate vice president, to full-time author of more than fifty published books, to writer and intuitive guide who travels the world with joy. Along the way, I’ve learned how to fast-track change while keeping the lights on at night. Now, it’s your turn.

So let’s begin! Book a reading, check out my classes and tools—and sign up for my newsletter to keep the inspo going on a weekly basis!