Meet Jenn Stark

As a former corporate VP of branding and communications and an intuitive reader with more than thirty years’ experience, certified Infinite Possibilities trainer and personal brand transformer, I’ve tried every path imaginable to help people and businesses succeed – only to discover that the answer is so much simpler than I ever imagined.

I specialize in positive, uplifting collaboration that shines a light on your path. I’m here to help you reimagine yourself and bring your dreams into higher focus. Most of all, I can give you practical techniques and tools for manifesting your most important goals that you can use in every area of your life.

My journey has taken me from corporate life, to full-time author of more than fifty published books, to this new work in intuitive coaching that ties my creative work and business experience together. Along the way, I’ve learned how to fast-track change with joy and satisfaction. Now, it’s your turn.

So let’s begin! Book a call, check out my classes and tools—and sign up for my email list to keep the inspo going on a weekly basis!