Shine a light on the path ahead.

Are you ready to flip the script on your life story? Whether you’re facing a major life shift, are feeling stuck, or are simply tired of waiting to turn your ideas into reality, you may feel like you’ve got allll the questions. Fortunately, you’ve got all the answers too. You just need to learn how to ask…act…and allow.

I can help. Through self study tools, on-demand classes, small group masterminds, and individual readings, we can shine a light on the path ahead and help you start living your dreams. Best of all, you’re going to realize pretty quickly that you’re a natural at this manifestation thing. It’s literally what you came here to do.

There’s so much joy waiting for you! ☀️

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Intuitive Readings

Clear, insightful readings to help you Connect with your guides and take action.

Ask-Act-Allow Manifestation Training

Are you ready to live life to the fullest possibility? It’s a matter of allowing it to happen…and taking that first step. With a few hours of uplifting exploration you’ll have all you need to get started.

Self-Study Tools

Tools, gifts, resources, and ideas to help brighten your path.

What Clients Are Saying

Jenn's guidance is always positive, accurate, and engaging -- but the real power of her readings shows up in what happens after they're finished. I feel so much clarity on how to move forward, and find myself coming up with ideas on what to do next that i just didn't have before. Even better, I just feel good!

~Mona O.

As a fellow creative, Jenn understands how challenging it can be to “feel” your way forward when you actually need to make a living!

Whenever I interact with her, I immediately feel understood, more clear, and perhaps most importantly, heard. She is the real deal. If you want an empowering reading with a whole heck of a lot of heart and soul, she is your guide.

~Jessica L.

Candid, Comprehensive, Insightful, Fun!

What a gift!  Jenn's enthusiasm and sincerity immediately put me at ease, her manner very encouraging and collaborative, her observations heartfelt and thought-provoking. Highly recommended!

~Kath B.

Jenn has been reading for me for years! She is so perceptive and intuitive, and helps me to think about things from multiple angles.  Her readings are incredibly accurate and through her gifts, she brings an amazing amount of joy and insight to her clients.

~Liz B.

As someone who seeks certainty before making decisions, I'm grateful for the light Jenn provides as it helps me to see my path forward. I never fail to gain clarity, motivation, and, most importantly, direction. Jenn’s charm and positivity are wonderfully engaging. Every time we meet leaves me feeling lighter!

~Darcy B.

If she was really all that psychic, she'd know I was hungry.

~Lucy the cat

Curious Souls are Happy Souls

Looking for a little creative inspo for your journey? From manifestation to visualization to making the most of this incarnation, consider this your -ation station. We’re happy you’re here!

What happens in a Tarot reading?

What happens in a Tarot reading?

If you've never experienced a Tarot reading, you may be wondering exactly what happens during a reading. A lot depends on the reader, but the most important thing to remember is that *you* are the one with the questions and so *your* understanding of what's being said...

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What should I wish for?

What should I wish for?

One of the biggest challenges with manifestation is that you can get hung up on "what to manifest." It's as if it's a zero sum game, where if you wish for, say, health, you might end up being super healthy...and broke! Or if you wish for money, you might end up being...

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What if I can’t see the things I’m trying to visualize?

What if I can’t see the things I’m trying to visualize?

Visualization is supposed to be easy and effortless. But what if you’re not a naturally visual person? What if you close your eyes and see…nothing? This phenomenon is more common than you might expect. Fortunately, it completely doesn't matter–because visualization...

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